Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Don't ever send Alinshop.org any money ---- ever!!!

This site will serve as an unfiltered venue where those who have been scammed by Alinshop.org can vent and share their experience with the biggest crook in the world. Alinshop.org has deleted comments that have been adverse to him on other websites, but he will not be able to do it here.

Alinshop.org has also sent many threats of violence to those who speak out against him. To this I say, bring it out, scumbag.

Alinshop.org also poses as "happy and satisfied" customers that post their great experiences. Don't believe this crap when you read it. The person behind it is Alinshop.org. How do we know? Because we traced the IPO address and they are from the country that he operates out of and not from the U.S., which is the address that the "customer" uses.

Alinshop.org uses the same scame that many online thieves use: you wire them money, they say that they sent your order, and you never get it. Same old story.

Trust when I say that you WILL NOT get your order when you send money to Alinshop.org. Anyone can cut and paste pictures of steroids and create a site that looks real. But there is no company and you will not get what you pay for.

Alinshop.org can be tried in an international court. They are not above the law. Feds can go to that country and expedite this crook.

So be aware Alinscam.org, we're coming for you.

I encourage others to create their own sites that educate and inform others of Alinshops.0rg scamming activity.

God Bless